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General Operating Procedures & Club Policies


This document has been provided to set the structure, and philosophy and daily operations of the Central Whidbey Soccer Club.  As established in the club by-laws, changes to Operating Procedures and Policies can be made by the Board of Directors.  

1. Developmental Structure

To provide a continuous developmental structure, CWSC follows the recommendations of the US Youth Soccer Player Development Model for games and competition.  The Google Drive has a folder for COACHES with training material broken down by age group.

- U6 is an Academy.  In Fall 2018 this group was changed to “CWSC Academy”
- U8 is currently COED and plays against teams from SWYSC. The teams may be separated by gender if parents express a wish for separate girls and boys team and upon approval of the Board of Directors. Any changes to the U8 game format should be made with SWYSC or NWSC to ensure continuity in play.
- U10 and U12 are gender-specific divisions. Games are played against both NWSC and SWYSC. SWYSC may play fall season off-island.
- U15 is COED. As of Spring 2019 is only with NWSC, although clubs remain hopeful that SWYSC will develop a program.  This age group is intended to capture the middle-school kids and keep them playing until they are eligible for high school soccer teams. As of Spring 2019, Coupeville Middle School proposes adding boys soccer to the fall sports calendar. It is unclear how this will affect the future of U15 soccer.

League, Season, and Schedule

- CWSC plays recreational soccer in the Whidbey Island Soccer League. 
- There are 2 season per academic year: Fall and Spring (September to end of October, and April to June)
- Schedule is written and published by all three clubs, alternating each season
- Schedule is posted to the website
- Club reports registration to WYS, who then invoices Club

2. CWSC Program Organization

Per club bylaws, the Executive Committee consists of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Other Board positions may be created or eliminated by the board to meet the needs of the club.

- Strategic and long-term growth of soccer with Central Whidbey Communities
- Management of the CWSC Board of Directors
- Education of coaches and players
- Liaison with school and community

Vice President
- Coordinate committee members prior to each season
- Liaison with Coaches and board members for needs
- Point of contact with other clubs and WYS
- Recruitment of team coaches

- Schedule Board of Directors meeting, usually monthly.
- Develop meeting agenda and distribute to Board
- Record meeting minutes and distribute to Board

- Financial management for all club activities
- Planning and projections for sustained fiscal requirements
- Budget creation and adherence
- Monthly financial report to the BOD
- Annual reporting to IRS and Secretary of State

Additional Board positions may include:

- Planning and implementation of seasonal registration of players and volunteers
- Player and team assignment
- Reconcile registration data for semi-annual State (Washington Youth Soccer) billing cycles
- Work with Treasurer and Secretary to reconcile player and volunteer issues

- Market and determine sponsorship requirements, benefits, and plans
- Provide acknowledgement/appreciation to sponsors

Director of Coaching
- Provide opportunities for coaching growth
- Develop and distribute practice plans for coaches
- Responsibilities may be assigned to VP

Director of Fields & Equipment
- Maintain inventory of team gear
- Recommend gear orders and pricing to BOD for approval 
- Liaison with Coupeville School District for use of fields each and every season
- Coordinate jersey and kits purchases and distribution to coaches or players

Additional Committee Members/Leads
CWSC cannot operate without additional volunteers.

Yearly Team Photos
- Organize photo day and photographer
- Liaison with Treasurer to provide billing and payment to photographer
- Provide order format and materials for all teams and players/parents
- Photos may be organized as a fundraiser

Referee Coordinator
- Recruits and schedules referees for any club games held in Coupeville. 
- Submits names of referees, number of games and position to the Treasurer weekly
- Referee payment structure will be determined annually and will be consistent with other clubs on the Island. 
- Any referee for the club must have current certification from  AYSO National Referee Program.  Every referee must have a sound foundation in the Laws of the Game as a prerequisite to being certified as a referee.
- Club currently does not require a referee coordinator as club does not hold games in Coupeville. The club hopes to return weekend soccer games to Coupeville in the near future.

3. Operations


- Primarily purchased from Protime Sports ( for all uniforms
- U6-U15 receives full kit (jersey, shorts, socks).
- Kit and t-shirt design/product are at the discretion of the person ordering (or the BOD). 
- Jersey may provide an opportunity for sponsorship. Director of Sponsorship is responsible for coordinating sponsors and obtaining sponsor logo for jersey.


- Club partners with and uses the Coupeville School District field: Terry Road, Softball outfield, CHS gymnasium field, CES playground, and the area adjacent to the Stadium
- Rhododendron park is another option for CWSC
- BOD should liaison with CSD Maintenance Department (Scott Losey and Jamie Easton) for all scheduling requests. POC information is located on the CSD website (
- Contact CSD if grass needs to be mowed, or 24h prior to ANY time club wishes to mow the fields
- Field maintenance and scheduling is coordinated by VP or Equipment director.


- Currently club uses Heritage Bank. 
- Club may select alternate bank upon recommendation of Treasurer and approval of Board
- Treasurer maintains all account records, either online or paper, and controls username and passwords
- Recurring bills/payments may include: WIYSA for WYS registration requirements, uniforms each season, annual renewal for BOD insurance, misc reimbursements for approved expenditures, referee fees paid to NWSC and SWYSC for use of fields ($10 per player at the U10-U15 level, apportioned between clubs according to % of games played; $5 per player at the U8 level)

Club Website (

- Season registration and payment
- Team pages/calendars
- Email communication for teams
- Email communication with club participants
- All users have their own account, login, and passwords
- Site managed by club Registrar

Google for Non-Profits

- Communication and electronic document storage for club
- Email and login for each BOD member
- Shared E-document storage
- Business communications 
- “Coaches” email distribution list
- “BOD” email distribution list
- Domain ( is registered through Google for Non-profits
- All BOD have their own email ([email protected]) and control their own password
- Webmaster and President account are the administrators to maintain the account and organization

4. Risk Management

In order to participate in any CWSC activity, each and every member shall comply with the Club’s Risk Management policies.  The following items shall be verified prior to participation in club activities:
- Volunteers shall have a current RMA background check approved and on-file with the Club
- Players shall have a current, signed medical waiver on file with the Team coach/organizer. Waiver completed by parent at registration. 
- Players shall have a current, signed acknowledgement of the physical difficulties and challenges to be expected during soccer. Waiver completed by parent at registration. 

Health and Safety

There are two mandatory health and safety issues that all participants must understand and acknowledge. 
- Concussions in Sports (Zackery Lystedt Law)
- Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Concussions in Sports

Effective July 26, 2009, the “Lystedt Law” directly affects youth sports and head injury policies, and how coaches must respond to player injuries.  This law requires that:
- An informed consent must be signed by parents and youth athletes acknowledging the risk of head injury prior to practice or competition
- A youth athlete who is suspected of sustaining a concussion or head injury must be removed from play
- A youth athlete who has been removed from play must receive written clearance from a licensed health care provider prior to returning to play

Coaches are the responsible party for the safety of players, and  shall become familiar with WYS’ recommendations for concussion awareness and first-responder training.  Per WYS, all member-clubs are responsible for distributing proper information regarding concussion and state law to coaches. 

Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is the sudden onset of an abnormal and lethal heart rhythm, causing the heart to stop beating and the individual to collapse.  SCA is the leading cause of death in the U.S. afflicting over 300,000 individuals per year. SCA is also the leading cause of sudden death in young athletes during sports. 

All coaches MUST provide proof of SCA-training.

WYS Player Insurance

A player’s insurance coverage is considered in-effect once the registration process is completed, and covers the player from the time they leave the house for a Club/WISL-sanctioned event to the time the player returns home.  Insurance coverage is according to WYS regulations for all WYS sanctioned events.  In the event a player is injured while participating in a sanctioned event, and it is necessary to file a claim against the insurance, visit the WYS website for the appropriate forms and procedures.

Code of Ethics for CWSC Participation

As of the WISL Spring 2015 start date, neither US Youth Soccer nor Washington Youth Soccer has a usable avenue to learn, teach, and promote good sportsmanship.  As such, WISL has adopted the Washington Interscholastic Athletics Association “Just Play Fair!” set of resources for promoting youth-sportsmanship through the game of soccer.  

As a member of WISL, all participants are required to familiarize themselves with the WIAA Just Play Fair! resources.  This code has been implemented within WISL to clarify and distinguish approved professional, ethical, and moral behavior from that which is detrimental to the development of youth soccer within the WISL. Visit the WIAA website below to understand the club’s and player’s role and compliance with the WYS and WISL’s focus on proper behavior and leadership pertaining to the Island’s youth.

5. Player Development

To provide a continuous developmental structure, CWSC follows the recommendations of the US Youth Soccer Player Development Model when it comes to games and competition.  The club’s Google Drive has a folder for COACHES with training material broken down by age group (U6, U8, etc)

Our primary goal for development is to ensure players return the next season while ensuring their individual footwork and ball-skills (Technical Development) improve from season to season in preparation for the CHS teams.  

Advanced training and other specific camps (e.g. Sounders summer camps, England training, goalkeeper training, etc.) are highly encouraged and the Club will host camps when able and provide information wherever possible.

Partnership with Coupeville School District

CWSC has a mission to develop competitive athletes for CHS teams. To achieve this mission, CWSC would like to keep kids in Coupeville and not have local players going to NWSC or SWYSC. CWSC and CSD have developed a partnership to keep soccer players in Coupeville.

- Fields- Goals for CHS use
- Portable AED- Equipment and personnel for CWSC practices
- Site for Club storage building- Volunteer maintenance on fields (cutting, rock clearing, field setup and painting)
- Storage building and maintenance

Memorandum of Understanding/Agreement (MOU/MOA)

- Partners: CSD and CWSC
- CWSC gets use of CSD soccer fields at the discretion of CSD and Head Coach
- CWSC permanently loans full-sized professional goals to CHS fields for practice
- Should CWSC cease operations: All age appropriate CWSC-equipment is donated to CHS, 25% of excess funds after WYS and WIYSA requirements donated to CHS girls soccer team, 25% of excess funds after WYS and WIYSA requirements donated to CHS boys soccer team

6. Policies

Club policies are developed and approved by the Board of Directors. Policies are routinely assessed to determine if the policies meet the needs of the club, community and players.

Team Assignment

- Players are assigned to teams based on gender and birth year. Occasionally, players are reassigned to meet the needs of the player or the club.
- A player can be moved up an age group if the player demonstrates an ability to compete at a higher level. This may be done at the request of the player and parent and requires the consent of the President or Director of Player Development with the agreement of involved coaches.
- Players can be reassigned to an older age group if the reassignment allows an age group to field a team. Reassignment is completed at the discretion of the President or Director of Player Development with the consent of player and parent.


- Registration completed online through the club website.
- The club encourages parents to register through the website and use a credit card for payment as this allows the treasurer and registrar to track players and resolve issues.

Registration generally has two phases:

- “Early Bird” begins when the previous season ends. It is open for a limited period of time and offers a small discount to encourage players to commit to playing soccer early.
- Regular registration runs through the off season. The Board determines when registration will close. In 2019, the BOD is moving towards closing registration 3 weeks prior to the first game to allow sufficient time to organize teams and order uniforms. 

Late Registration

To minimize the many complications from late registration, the BOD has decided to implement a late registration policy to encourage timely registration.
- From close of registration to first game there will be no late fee but parents will be responsible for purchasing kits directly from club uniform provide and will be responsible for any additional fees the provider may charge (policy in development)
- No registration after the first game.
- Additional registration at BOD discretion.
- For example, if a new family moves to Coupeville and was not aware of the club or the late registration policy, the BOD may decide to waive the policy to promote participation in the program.

Inclement Weather/Poor Air Quality

Rain. Soccer is an all-season, all-weather sport. Practices and games often continue during rain. Practices and games may be suspended for poor field conditions that may harm players or damage fields. Practices may be cancelled by the coach or by the club. Games are cancelled at the discretion of the club hosting the event.

Lightning. CWSC follows the recommendations of the National Weather Service for lightning safety. As local soccer fields do not provide protective cover, games and practices will be suspended at the first sign of thunder or lightning. Players will leave the field and go to a lightning-safe structure. Practices or games will resume after 30 minutes of no lightning or thunder.

Air Quality. In times of poor air quality, such as wildfires, CWSC will follow the forecast of the EPA’s AirNow Air Quality Index (AQI). CWSC will use the current conditions for the 98277 zip code (Oak Harbor), the nearest AQI station. When AQI values are in the 101-150 range, games and practices will be suspended. This range is considered “Unsafe for Sensitive Groups,” which includes children.  Additional information on AirNow AQI can be found at

Club Communication

All CWSC communication should be completed via the club’s official website or from a email address. No board member or club representative should use personal email for club communications. Coaches are encouraged to  communicate with teams through the website but may choose other methods of communication, such as texts or private Facebook groups. Coaches should find a communication method that reaches all teammates. Social media, such as Facebook or Instagram, are not considered forms of communication but are used for club promotion only. Any parent or community member who contacts the club via social media will be redirected to contact the club at [email protected].


Central Whidbey Soccer Club (CWSC)
404 S Main Street 
Coupeville, Washington 98239

Email: [email protected]

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